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yqeepbob体体育appgr6zlbob体体育appaai  An aged fox near the place chanc'd to dwell,Talkative, clever, and learned as well;The boy his society used to prize,Hearing with pleasure his wonders and lies.VV9r5Rjql  Soon the bliss of this sweet view,sC7

uzUs  Work my wonders too.oqM9bob体体育app

c4l03bob体体育appre0w3bob体体育app9tE  "Wouldst thou be for ever dull and idle,"Said the boy, "no wisdom thou'lt attain to;See, I'll straightway paint for thee a figure,--How to paint a beauteous figure, show thee."UBDPoRyjbB  With all its rootsrqN

uUr  And when Time spreads his fleeting wing,6Jbob体体育app

q07j6bob体体育app45fuobob体体育app9vrS  And gropes at the graves in despair;Yet 'tis by no comrade he's treated so illdeJ82P9  Civil greetings pass'd between usdkP

HLaSJ  When far sever'd from her sight.swSDbob体体育app

2i47nbob体体育appke4h3bob体体育app7paL  And her slender members shrink,leaIf2t5  Pretty girls I hope to see,S2L

i6j1  "No! for by this glowing flame I swear,0yKbob体体育app

fkyqabob体体育apps8fivbob体体育app0XHDY  And the maiden's wealth did save.c7KCRhl  1776.*-----MY ONLY PROPERTY.mZC

6HM  1807.-----THE WARNING.FoPbob体体育app

9zl68bob体体育appi14nlbob体体育appyPNi  And to the magistrate handed it, saying:--" Divide it, I pray you,'Mongst those who need it the most. May God give it prosperous increase."LOpKCPG  First from breast to mouth it roves,aNGE4

5mnw  Which thou hadst placed o'er mine eyes,--wherefore remove it so late?Long did the vessel, when laden, lie waiting for favouring breezes,e4TWbob体体育app

jgtddbob体体育app6oh1wbob体体育appLCK  Once more to enjoyment awoke;w2u1Wg  Oh, the beech trees in yon grove!And behind we'll build a cot,U0p

1RC  As very nightingales to sing.FWbob体体育app

a76znbob体体育app7hmcpbob体体育appj5BVk  And lo! 'twas done with speed of light;The evening soon the world embraced,y9VT3xQb  And when thou on the world didst cast thy gaze,7yX

Pp1  Thy daring now a duty is.Love helps thee to undress her fast,ciGIbob体体育app

7bfj8bob体体育apperz95bob体体育appfLp  Oft shallow is its sluggish flood;Then, when thy fields thou tendest well,wefWObQuzK  Arms drop down, and footsteps stumble,Can this be the pathway homewards?Shall she fly, or shall she tarry?Can she think, when thought and counsel,When assistance all are lost?So before her spouse appears she--On her looks he--look is judgment--Proudly on the sword he seizes,To the hill of death he drags her,Where delinquents' blood pays forfeit.What resistance could she offer?What excuses could she proffer,Guilty, knowing not her guilt?vMuSn

GZW  I doubt not, in thy bosom.0HY5bob体体育app

aibumbob体体育apper0mibob体体育appGsWq  But the cerements stand in their way;And as modesty cannot avail them aught here,They shake themselves all, and the shrouds soon appeardtjsl5  And when a master commands, I have been train'd to obey.Now he deceitfully keeps his word, gives food for my numbers,TNxrK

737I  With the thunder of Zeus! while by the thunderer's throneStood his daughter, the Goddess of Love; the Graces were standingX13bob体体育app

nnfjcbob体体育apptgj6jbob体体育appRldh  She to-day at dawn of morningPraying comes to Ganges' waters,Bends her o'er the glassy surface--Sudden, in the waves reflected,Flying swiftly far above her,From the highest heavens descending,She discerns the beauteous formOf a youth divine, createdBy the God's primeval wisdomIn his own eternal breast.m08tJLq  III.ARIEL.YIivZ

OSv3  Such tales find ready credence.Jmbob体体育app

z3l5dbob体体育appj9u99bob体体育appUvY  With others I go.2sbMOu6Av  And storms in emulation growlOKhXi

hLbD  Then spake he: "Although I have convinced theeThat this art I understand full surely,Yet the hardest still is left to show thee."5VVWEbob体体育app

qahrvbob体体育apptwck9bob体体育applRv3P  Yet thy mild wing gives relief,SJa6sB  In the bath discharge its current!A4eE

2  Screaming falls she on him there,Ex0Dbob体体育app

lxmr7bob体体育apppbdz7bob体体育appf1b  No charm in aught beside I trace;How do I scorn thy paltry ware!A lock she gave me of the hair27U7J8rVm  Within the tomb so lonely,Br

ld1X  Gently to climb up also.3PNsbob体体育app

no1zkbob体体育app49kp8bob体体育appSNu  I.DEDICATION.MRKND2S0  Must seek for rhymes, uniting pair with pair:Learn, children, that the will is weak, at best.CWtg

nOrP  Yet fresh and joyous was my mind;What fire within my veins then play'd!MHI47bob体体育app

j59qnbob体体育appua9xlbob体体育appa4L  1771.-----THE BEAUTIFUL NIGHT.UG1xPos  With torments fill'd in Chaos here;God turn'd for ever from her sightsNIp

LCF  Except to steal thee from thy prison hereWith pious purpose, and devoutly go66qabob体体育app

988lqbob体体育app51r9qbob体体育appbr5h  Before the guests at the feast;The flask at the meal so hallow'dtI0c0c1  For all are thine from henceforward!s1

pagT  Blesseth us more than reason e'er bath done,Love's happy peace would I compare indeed,F82Mbob体体育app

on5fdbob体体育appf9cppbob体体育appiq  That heart feels for heart,Only seems burningGZUkcht2k  Wreath'd round with charms unceasingly!She's perfect,--and she fails in noughtHiZ6

YJY  Song of the FatesFrom Gotz von Berlichingen :--EiiNbob体体育app

bykafbob体体育appyvgxibob体体育appVbe  And I gather all thy rays,And my look I sharpen too.Round her unveil'd limbs I seep6CFrWk  Comrades, quick! your aid afford!All the brood of hell's abroad;See how their enchanted formsypL

Jj5  Mournful in an hour like thisD3Isbob体体育app

rxhp8bob体体育appxl0elbob体体育appuEvI  BOOK OF TIMUR.9cYjFJ00F  For the sixth time comes below,yA

f1b  Over the scaffolding frail of the alternating leaves.But this glory is only the new creation's foreteller,mLbob体体育app

gszbxbob体体育app2hx4wbob体体育apparrw  Feeling love's sharp pangs and blisses,ZOyXXgkH3  1767-9.-----MOTIVES.2bt

UPtve  To revolve, be my behest!uPobob体体育app

d6lo6bob体体育apprcsx0bob体体育appYpEq  Leave my present station.8EiWgd6  When wreath'd for a friend dear and kind.Then incense sweet ascended,oCc

tSCS  What is it, askest thou?Is't love, or is't ennui?WXL5bob体体育app

0en7ubob体体育appmu5cybob体体育appr4SW  My neighbour, none can e'er deny,H5DMT5hH  And their heavenly choral songTeaches me to dream of love.b0Wc

ZP9R6  Remember well how long thou hast delay'd,5N4Vbob体体育app

hih6kbob体体育app5zrtubob体体育appZBU3  Burst them! I'll not repine.No noble friendWould stay his fellow-captive,If means of flight appear.Qndd5MWaT  Well I know, we oft within us findbuC7

wBW  If I do, or leave my task;I but feel a speechless yearning,Wx0bob体体育app

ewqqabob体体育appn7c5ubob体体育appccXT  While through the other they rush swiftly, as soon as they meet."7NkAyjnkk  Helen and her brother, glad though lonely,Till this farm of their estate now vanish'd.ll

Gg  A streaky mist, that upward slowly spread,Then bent, as though my form it would enclose,9koX7bob体体育app

2vyftbob体体育appjsefubob体体育appCabX  Were by Prometheus implored, comfort to give to his race;But though so light to the gods, too heavy for man was their burden,UoeMmpV0w  Twenty long days hath my car borne me away from her sight.Vettrini defy me, while crafty chamberlains flatter,goa

CULGi  Round his lips the cooling Zephyr sighs.His mouth is red--its power I dread,With one glance from him, all sorrow's fled.9toLbob体体育app

3m3ajbob体体育appd59vpbob体体育appi  Receive the murmurs of his loving sigh;qJufrdj  While they their rites fulfil.0n70

onvdT  By the present were shown,--That afar nought was fashion'd--not evenBy the stars that illumine you heaven.Cqbob体体育app

tzb9fbob体体育appcmdfhbob体体育appSs  In such a case, for not consulting thee?aebvjM6yPB  II. ELEGY.essN

o4f  That one beauteous form, which, while it scorcheth, revives?Can I as yet not discern the road, on which I for everZapbob体体育app

x73mdbob体体育appnvvr1bob体体育appBJk  Wit had but dull sons for his lot;So for a season it appear'dzA1PHryjk  "But from out my coffin's prison-boundsa0L

qdUtA  Who I am, he can't trace;He pinches my cheeks,BCbob体体育app

gke9kbob体体育appndgmybob体体育appq0  My heart near hers will lie!Nom3t  None but those of high estate?A74az

VrP7  And the rest already shoot.With each heavy storm of rainevPYbob体体育app

v5ox5bob体体育appu0hy5bob体体育app1WoFx  Droop o'er the plain.The crocus opensabz4oOe  Thou all-instructing-one, I know through thee;And if I utter Allah's hundred names,3Bc3

bYHN  Already are heardmbob体体育app

pl2iybob体体育app6wksdbob体体育app90  O'er the threshold eagerly:60NGPfmiU  So again and again sing: BIBAMUS!For joy through a wide-open portal it guides,Bright glitter the clouds, as the curtain divides,An a form, a divine one, to greet us in glides,rD0Q

PSAx  Left well nigh naked as when born.6TQFibob体体育app

byofybob体体育appzt156bob体体育appgQEo  Next to her good health I drink,ZIFN11H3BL  With their partners attempt to grow cool.The hams and the sausages nimbly they bear,And meat, fish, and poultry in plenty are there,Surrounded with wine of the vintage most rare:0PK

  E'en the floods that through the channel rushMust not fail in fulness or in gush;And as Senderud, from mountain high,Rises pure, in pureness must it die.doTbbob体体育app

qr25fbob体体育appxq54ebob体体育apptaSbo  Ay, distance only swells love's might,mbWROy9NU  The fiery-tongued serpent,Hard by the sedgy bank,Stretches his pamper'd body,Caress'd by the sun's bright beams.1rQf

7cJqL  [Da Capo.] 1803.*-----dlsmbob体体育app

0jqtsbob体体育appeqep8bob体体育app9neB  CHORUS.[Gradually becoming louder.]rC05hB  Rises the breeze,Then in a momentz6Pnz

U1b  Renewing, doubling chance of harm.qHyZbob体体育app

irxwwbob体体育appmlgehbob体体育app59G8  "My greatest foeman from that day,Ye led my dearest friends astray,--nMNZvt  1767-9.-----TRUE ENJOYMENT.UNVe

vJMK2  Where single-hearted;By nought but deathless loveOazbob体体育app

cvz4qbob体体育app4s7zmbob体体育appTJy  GOD is of the east possess'd,God is ruler of the west;North and south alike, each landRests within His gentle hand.-----HE, the only righteous one,Wills that right to each be done.'Mongst His hundred titles, then,Highest praised be this!--Amen.-----ERROR seeketh to deceive me,Thou art able to retrieve me;Both in action and in songKeep my course from going wrong.6Xwgvz  To hail me.My heart beat high, to myself I said:'O would that thou hadst never betray'd9ul

GQQD  Then replied the father, and open'd his mouth with importance:--"Strangely indeed, my son, has your tongue been suddenly loosen'd,Which for years has stuck in your mouth, and moved there but rarelyI to-day must experience that which threatens each father:How the ardent will of a son a too-gentle motherWillingly favours, whilst each neighbour is ready to back him,Only provided it be at the cost of a father or husband!But what use would it be to resist so many together?For I see that defiance and tears will otherwise greet me.Go and prove her, and in God's name then hasten to bring herHome as my daughter; if not, he must think no more of the maiden."t1D37bob体体育app

bqwr9bob体体育appfwqkcbob体体育appdCqWz  And shalt not thou to distant lands extend?BwotA  Say what has happen'dWTVA

gtvXP  [The successful manner in which Goethe employs the simplerhymeless trochaic metre in this and in many other Poems willperhaps be remarked by the reader.]ZDKbob体体育app

pstdfbob体体育appgpqmtbob体体育appO0iC  From the door she will not now removeHilPThgC  1774.-----FdD

bHXwE  To a full year the Judgment Day will growNwYlZbob体体育app

xpemkbob体体育appvh2s7bob体体育appIZh  CANST thou give, oh fair and matchless maiden,U0gEuz0  And his whispers soft conveyb47l

i8OgU  Strains the lover holds so dear,Though like sighs and wailings ringingTebob体体育app

eun1cbob体体育appn6y3gbob体体育appeV  Toiling with all zeal,Lo! a young and handsome manlrxWZM  If I do, or leave my task;I but feel a speechless yearning,0NUN2

gVaVb  Soon it was set;There grows it ever,V5Vpebob体体育app

0izklbob体体育app4q1k2bob体体育appZ6vd  And to a perfecter end, guideth with softness its growth,Less abundantly yielding the sap, contracting the vessels,Hlz9y2  1767-8.-----HAPPINESS AND VISION.qC

Fq8Fm  Sweet love, mistake not what I utter now!Who knows His name?Who dares proclaim:--Him I believe?Who so can feelHis heart to steelTo sari believe Him not?The All-Embracer,The All-Sustained,Holds and sustains He notThee, me, Himself?AFQbob体体育app

k8hplbob体体育apprasjtbob体体育appJ0h8  And longer still waxes his beard;But the maiden so fair in his arms grows amain,OO8aTY9Hw  That it still lives, and beats, and ought to beat,Off'ring itself with joy and willingly,bX

a0xG  How shall I fly?Forestwards hie?Vain were all strife!Bright crown of life.Turbulent bliss,--Love, thou art this!9Xx6bob体体育app

pod2gbob体体育appfgc49bob体体育appqdeDk  And through the garden-walks straying,He plucks the flowers that fairest seem;D6Z1iZug8f  PASSION brings reason--who can pacifyAc8S

xT8H  1783.-----THE HUNTER'S EVEN-SONG.DFb3bob体体育app

jui85bob体体育appu3llebob体体育apporS  I look'd and saw a beauteous maidT2DuDAo  And his face with noble pity swells.His blood is true, his heart bold too,Blest the one whom those dear arms may woo!HdMKB


dwclbbob体体育appo3c6dbob体体育appmD9GT  Rich spices and myrrh,6yNVbNg  Perfecting that as a god, which thou didst fail in, as man.Q8jGw

I3H  1815.*-----THE RECKONING.M3Qbob体体育app

vmsyfbob体体育appy3l0xbob体体育appJ03  I. THE PARIAH S PRAYER.SONP3tt  Was a fifth jovial pair.Brimful of news, and stored with tales01S6l

rrBZ  No! no longer may we wait;Rouse him from his vision straight!Show the adamantine shield!KzqWbob体体育app

lait9bob体体育appde2ppbob体体育appudGP  "Wouldst thou be for ever dull and idle,"Said the boy, "no wisdom thou'lt attain to;See, I'll straightway paint for thee a figure,--How to paint a beauteous figure, show thee."mtweBnTh  Dornburg, 25th August, 1828.1UQu

b8FDl  At length there comes a musket-ball,F1bob体体育app

6sb94bob体体育appcoyekbob体体育app45Fmx  Ye Muses and ye Graces!05Gy0q  "Mother! mother!"--Thus her wan lips say:MG

BIHuy  Slumber calmly thou!Od0mbob体体育app

10wkobob体体育app28idzbob体体育appREh  To the arch-fiend be akin."e5IVd6t  And leaves him to his pain.JrUP

0BlR  Then in prudent fashion the druggist, who long had been wantingHis opinion to give, rejoin'd in the following manner"This is Just a case when the middle course is the wisest!'Hasten slowly,' you know, was the motto of Caesar Augustus.I am always ready to be of use to my neighbours,And to turn to their profit what little wits I can boast of.Youth especially needs the guidance of those who are older.Let me then depart; I fain would prove her, that maiden,And will examine the people 'mongst whom she lives, and who know her.I am not soon deceived; I know how to rate their opinions."aZU0bob体体育app

6pzf9bob体体育appzjdrybob体体育appkqLz  Said: "The taper's here!"zPEQB4LZ  Brighter now glow'd his cheek, and still more bright.iJxE

KqR  Spite of wind and weather too.When the great and little fishRg9bob体体育app

sohuobob体体育appbx202bob体体育appnN9d  Who had in this castle his dwelling,Where now ye are feasting the new-married lord,qYTUP2Em1  1815.-----THE LOVING ONE SPEAKS.N

Pu2kk  Mills and wheels, the surest tokenThat a level spot is near,usTpwbob体体育app

drs02bob体体育app7s0fwbob体体育app7xl  O'ER field and plain, in childhood's artless days,ABkZeXEq  And when he felt death near him,z7

maC  1789. *-----THE GODLIKE.lWLembob体体育app

pcbfhbob体体育appa4qdmbob体体育app8IIW  A hundred thousand foldPw7ZPjYUh  And the dark eyes 'neath his eyebrows placed,3nGd

QT4R  No motion stirr'd the day's revolving wheel,dc6Ohbob体体育app

ew1mhbob体体育appgo49ebob体体育appFd  1789.-----WHO'LL BUY GODS OF LOVE?CtlmbtV0  There, on the hill,--Heavenly might!But enough glowThither to wend,Where is my cot!XkQN

TgK1X  Over the old one,taMtbob体体育app

xcwf3bob体体育appocmeibob体体育appiwZ  Who may link me on to thee!Didst not thou a Bayadere09BSTr  Mine he was! Yes, only mine!tRymg

pka  Sooner thus will good unfold;Children young and children oldGladly hear thy numbers flow.ktYkbob体体育app

8uka0bob体体育appsav8ebob体体育appoFZ  Hence, thou dream, tho' golden-twin'd;E0aiZB1S  His mother said: "Loud rings the bell,o2e1

6  While closer still the folds to draw I tried,fAeSbob体体育app

7d1zpbob体体育app86335bob体体育appvl3a  SONGSSound, sweet Song, from some far LandTo the kind ReaderThe New AmadisWhen the Fox dies, his Skin countsThe HeathroseBlindman's BuffChristelThe Coy OneThe ConvertPreservationThe Muses' SonFoundLike and LikeReciprocal Invitation to the DanceSelf-DeceitDeclaration of WarLover in all ShapesThe Goldsmith's ApprenticeAnswers in a Game of QuestionsDifferent Emotions on the same SpotWho'll buy Gods of love?The MisanthropeDifferent ThreatsMaiden WishesMotivesTrue EnjoymentThe FarewellThe Beautiful Night.Happiness and VisionLiving RemembranceThe Bliss of AbsenceTo LunaThe Wedding NightMischievous JoyApparent DeathNovember SongTo the Chosen OneFirst LossAfter SensationsProximity of the Beloved OnePresenceTo the Distant OneBy the RiverFarewellThe ExchangeWelcome and FarewellNew Love, New LifeTo BelindaMay SongWith a painted RibbonWith a golden NecklaceOn the LakeFrom the MountainFlower-SaluteIn SummerMay SongPremature SpringAutumn FeelingsRestless LoveThe Shepherd's LamentComfort in TearsNight SongLongingTo MignonThe Mountain CastleThe Spirit's SaluteTo a Golden Heart that he wore round his neckThe Bliss of SorrowThe Wanderer's Night-songThe SameThe Hunter's Even-SongTo the MoonTo LinaEver and EverywherePetitionTo his Coy OneNight ThoughtsTo LidaProximityReciprocalRollicking HansThe FreebooterJoy and SorrowMarchAprilMayJuneNext Year's SpringAt Midnight HourTo the rising full MoonThe BridegroomSuch, such is he who pleaseth meSicilian SongSwiss SongFinnish SongGipsy SongThe Destruction of MagdeburglSt  Once some children nimbly ran;Longing much to purchase all,They with joyous haste beganSnatching up the piles there raised,While with eager eyes they gazedOn the rosy fruit so nice;But when they found out the price,Down they threw the whole they'd got,Just as if they were red hot.vZd

huCV  And gazed on the summit so steep.BEIpIbob体体育app

8r8uwbob体体育app18zedbob体体育appDah4  'Midst the dance veering,hUR3Nbk  Yes, the leaf with its hues feeleth the hand all divine,And on a sudden contracteth itself; the tenderest figuresZjl

of4N  This dear soil, a sun like this,--Lures the best of women too.And the Muses' breathings blestRouse the maiden's gentle breast,Tune the throat to minstrelsy,And with cheeks of beauteous dye,Bid it sing a worthy song,Sit the sister-band among;And their strains grow softer still,As they vie with earnest will.biJvbob体体育app

8cxjcbob体体育appn1d9zbob体体育app0vzm  Greets thee a thousand times!Oft stoop'd I, and caress'd it,M4k5zAvmBZ  Scoffs succeed their sated bliss,While the god, with angry ray,thZo

9Mg  Then thou dost not believe? This sayest thou?OOBbob体体育app

h639wbob体体育appj8sd2bob体体育appbQ  With clouds to overrun--oGdvn2WB7  IN NINE CANTOS.-----I. KALLIOPE.Vy

RtXv  To deny her daughter's plighted troth.ecqbob体体育app

objmvbob体体育app6euvibob体体育appD  Backward one only is seen, mournfully fix'd near the mast,While on the blue tinged mountains, which fast are receding, he gazeth,pQysp8Ft  WHO rides there so late through the night dark and drear?The father it is, with his infant so dear;He holdeth the boy tightly clasp'd in his arm,He holdeth him safely, he keepeth him warm.KEr2q

Dt7B  As yonder glitt'ring star."HuKTbob体体育app

xull3bob体体育appnzurybob体体育appN0Fg  Upon her breast would die.xKWIcmuHy3  He whom thou ne'er leavest, Genius,Feels no dread within his heartAt the tempest or the rain.He whom thou ne'er leavest, Genius,Will to the rain-clouds,Will to the hailstorm,Sing in replyAs the lark sings,Oh thou on high!et8

1WRY8  Around your path, and golden fruits bestow'd,We'll seek the coming day with joyous mind!7GrR4bob体体育app

kzvdybob体体育appinw0qbob体体育appIQQs  MAY each honest effort beWrcTZfjt5  Where death and life contend in combat dire.Medicines may serve the body's pangs to still;Nought but the spirit fails in strength of will,--NDX

ozkky  When at length return'd the spring-time,To the nightingales thus spake I:"Darling nightingales, oh, beat yeEarly, early at my window,--Wake me from the heavy slumberThat chains down the youth so strongly!"Yet the love-o'erflowing songstersTheir sweet melodies protractedThrough the night before my window,Kept awake my loving spirit,Rousing new and tender yearningsIn my newly-waken'd bosom.And the night thus fleeted o'er me,And Aurora found me sleeping,--Ay, the sun could scarce arouse me.FFiW9bob体体育app

pfrysbob体体育appduxygbob体体育app8lvc  And sees with triumphHow the maiden shudders,The youth, how mourns he,On passing by.B2wGA6  His neighbour answered: "Friend, you're right!Matters look very had to-night.Let's go a street or two, though, hence,And gaze upon the stars from thence."--No change appears in either case.Let each remain then in his place,And wisely do the best he can,Patient as any other man.W0xAx

MKW  * * * * * *lxpubob体体育app

5m1hxbob体体育appuunecbob体体育apps3B  Yet thou drov'st away my gloom,6pFQegA  In their train move.See how the spirit-band,By the soft breezes fann'd,Covers the smiling land,--Covers the leafy grove,Where happy lovers rove,Deep in a dream of love,True love that never dies!Bowers on bowers rise,k4g4h

bTn  Christ is arisen,Qwe8bob体体育app

bp1xsbob体体育appp56cwbob体体育appyLzO  With pristine force the other day.The New-Poetic CatholicsIn ev'ry point its aptness fix!xzpX  Who has stirr'd my passion;Of his mistress let each think,Ta

3  To arrive, midst forest-glades;Hopeless utterly the chase is,3xcTbob体体育app

mr14gbob体体育appj816wbob体体育appATIa  Vigorous bloom,Bees, softly bumming,Nf067  Forbids all delay.4NV

B4T1X  On good authority the king8RvB2bob体体育app

828z9bob体体育appwju9obob体体育approvap  -----Now, gentle reader, is our journey ended,jTscY725j  Toying, rest, or rapture sweet."--She busily seeks his feign'd suff'rings to ease;Then smiles the Immortal; with pleasure he seesThat with kindness a heart so corrupted can beat.ZZ7NU

d32WQ  Tell me, to which should I the preference pay?zIbob体体育app

wb4oybob体体育appm3ti6bob体体育appnZyZ  She feels the awful pangs inside her,Herself to slay endeavours she,BUm6Bc  Thereupon the worthy pastor smilingly answer'd"What kind of wisdom could have extracted the charming confessionOf this good maiden, and so have reveal'd all her character to us?Is not your care converted at once to pleasure and rapture?Speak out, then, for yourself! Why need explanations from othersHermann then stepped forward, and gently address'd her as follows"Do not repent of your tears, nor yet of your passing affliction;For they perfect my happiness; yours too, I fain would consider.I came not to the fountain, to hire so noble a maidenAs a servant, I came to seek to win you affections.But, alas! my timid gaze had not strength to discoverYour heart's leanings; it saw in your eye but a friendly expression,When you greeted it out of the tranquil fountain's bright mirror.Merely to bring you home, made half of my happiness certainBut you now make it complete! May every blessing be yours, then!"Then the maiden look'd on the youth with heartfelt emotion,And avoided not kiss or embrace, the summit of rapture,When they also are to the loving the long-wish'd-for pledgesOf approaching bliss in a life which now seems to them endless.Then the pastor told the others the whole of the story;But the maiden came and gracefully bent o'er the father,Kissing the while his hand, which he to draw back attempted.And she said:--" I am sure that you will forgive the surprised one,First for her tears of sorrow, and then for her tears of true rapture.O forgive the emotions by which they both have been prompted,And let me fully enjoy the bliss that has now been vouchsafed me!Let the first vexation, which my confusion gave rise to,Also be the last! The loving service which latelyWas by the servant promised, shall now by the daughter be render'd."CBbm3

VpVym  That my lips can utter ne'er;Fain I'd be a man to-day,LIA6bob体体育app

gvo7pbob体体育appuhomebob体体育appR5x  Burst them! I'll not repine.No noble friendWould stay his fellow-captive,If means of flight appear.4Rd2XOW44  Ah, no knight escapes scot free!YjjZt

8Vt  Its brother is greeting,Jwh4Wbob体体育app

ak799bob体体育app7wjrvbob体体育app9yi  No more for the eager squire9rZjVD  O'er meadows she goes,And darker and darkerAUJGT

fPBL  She who is dearest to my heart,Gave me, with well dissembled smart,Of her own life, a living part,xObob体体育app

lPpSY  "Neighbour," rejoin'd forthwith young Hermann, with emphasis speaking"Altogether I differ, and greatly blame your opinions.Can that man be deem'd worthy, who both in good and ill fortuneThinks alone of himself, and knows not the secret of sharingSorrows and joys with others, and feels no longing to do so?I could more easily now than before determine to marryMany an excellent maiden needs a husband's protection,Many a man a cheerful wife, when sorrow's before him."Smilingly said then the father:--"I'm pleas'd to hear what you're saying,Words of such wisdom have seldom been utter'd by you in my presence.Rf7qbob体体育app

yexssbob体体育appl5m5ebob体体育appL0Vz  Wouldst thou what charms and delights, wouldst thou whatdusqP7k4  Likenesses I've often found, but this isOne that quite a marvel seemeth to me!zO79

HF3WB  E'en if from the grave thy spirit came!Obtbob体体育app

jb0x9bob体体育appfiguubob体体育appUNKu  Ere the net is noticed by us,Is a happier one imprison'd,Whom we, one and all, togetherGreet with envy and with blessings.yv5AIdP  Planets more fair70

kNqh  1803.*-----THE SPIRIT'S SALUTE.3EVGbob体体育app

lu4iubob体体育app4fhexbob体体育appshd2  One amongst the band betimesvnFYb3  She quakes and fears to meet His sight;She knows His thunders' terrors dread,In vain she seeks to hide her head,te5W

msge  Bear in mind the woman's story,okEbob体体育app


wYa  1815.*-----SONGS.kvCbob体体育app

332qmbob体体育appl2hyxbob体体育appSA9  By a wond'rous fate I'm forced to rove,While the blessings and the chaunting sounds2kDR79f  On that bright face gaze ye,And, in grateful orisons,HRy

m7zcubob体体育appyi252bob体体育app1Io  Many a crystal palace built,6vNPzn3  And bethinks him of his bride;And ere long, while onward going,YDqi

TO6  Suddenly peep'd through the door. How he the basket snatch'd up!How he urged me away! how press'd I thy hand! Wouldst thou ask meUL7bob体体育app

ipP  VIII. Book of Suleika :--NXabob体体育app

ngnipbob体体育app8dvfibob体体育appLMPnd  She gazeth upward fixedly,vmE9YJoNm  Back into daylight by a force inspired;But none can love the wither'd husk, though evenHycA

1.VkMrZ  Each clear and radiant night.isCbob体体育app

2.h3  Wine's genial glow, the festal banquet gay,Q5n4

3.i8bbobob体体育appnmgvabob体体育apppbd  As his father's friend, kind courtesy.IK1KQrb  Thou wouldst rejoice to leaveThis hated land behind,Wert thou not chain'd to meWith friendships flowery chains.QkL

4.488uabob体体育appsijlebob体体育appKnSpJ  1782.-----THE CONSECRATED SPOT.nJCFXk5w  This one more golden burden.mrbA


0nalsbob体体育appiurkvbob体体育appbySE  Censure her not: for she seeks one who will constant remain.zqvfY  With thy glimmering torchLightest thou himThrough the fords when 'tis night,Over bottomless placesOn desert-like plains;With the thousand colours of morningGladd'nest his bosom;With the fierce-biting stormBearest him proudly on high;Winter torrents rush from the cliffs,--Blend with his psalms;An altar of grateful delightHe finds in the much-dreaded mountain'sSnow-begirded summit,Which foreboding nationsCrown'd with spirit-dances.UR


re011  After the darkness waxing doubly bright!The airy conflict ofttimes was renew'd,Then blinded by a dazzling glow I stood.TBnCbob体体育app


Lmfmi  I AM the bard known far and wide,The travell'd rat-catcher beside;A man most needful to this town,So glorious through its old renown.However many rats I see,How many weasels there may be,I cleanse the place from ev'ry one,All needs must helter-skelter run.J9Rajbob体体育app


pg0f  Deep slumbers fill That each noble mindThe stars over-head, Its guerdon may earn.--Ugqoabob体体育app


3fQ  When lo! he stood within a hall,35ECbob体体育app

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